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Journey to an Organic Designer Paint Collection

A little over ten years ago, we were finishing construction of our new home, which was equal parts…

  • a labor of love to create a nourishing sanctuary for our family,

  • a dedication to my youngest sister (who we had recently lost to brain cancer),

  • and a promise to model design/build choices that are healthy for people and the planet.

I was also recovering from exposure to toxic building materials myself and was determined to find products that were both earth-friendly, and protective of indoor air and well-being. It was a challenge, as so many finishes contain harsh chemicals and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, which off-gas long after that new house smell is gone). I tested over 25 different paints, including all the major brands. At the 11th hour, I thankfully found ECOS Paints. Formulated organic and non-toxic from the start, it was the clear winner. With the finest European pigments, it covers beautifully, without any fumes or odor. You can even paint with the windows closed. Our understandably skeptical painters became the first ECOS converts, calling it “liquid gold,” as they headed home each night to their own families, gratefully headache-free.

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Sharing ECOS Floor Paint with Kevin O'Connor, This New House, DIY Network

That house helped heal my own health. It launched our design firm too, which enables us to create nourishing sanctuaries for others. I am deeply grateful for all the goodness that has emerged on this journey — originating from setting that project’s intention. I could not have foreseen the opportunity to give back to a brand that nurtured my own well-being, to contribute to ECOS’ evolution, and to spread the word about its goodness. And yet, here we are, with a collaboration designed to make it easy for anyone to achieve both beauty and cleaner indoor air in their own spaces.

It is my great privilege to share Lisa Tharp Colors for ECOS Paints, a new edited collection of 60 favorite neutrals and colors, each with suggested pairings that harmonize beautifully. No matter how humble or grand, I believe everyone deserves to inhabit a beautiful, nourishing environment. I hope, in some small way, this collection will help realize that vision.

Be well.


Photography by Caitlin Manning. Video screenshot of This New House, DIY Network.

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