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BEFORE / AFTER: A Private Elevator Entry Creates a Dramatic Arrival Experience


Transform a nondescript, windowless entry with private elevators into a dramatic preview of this luxurious city residence.


The brass elevators harken back to the history of this building, which was converted to luxury residences decades ago. Without natural light nor architectural interest, the arrival experience does not do the apartment justice.

The powder room decor is inconsistent with the luxe finishes planned for this apartment's makeover. The checkerboard floor, however, inspires a glossy black design concept.

An extra skim coat prepares walls so that the glossy paint treatment is as smooth as silk.

Black walls will be warmed up with a tortoiseshell ceiling by the talented team at Arteriors architectural finishes. Our approved sample informs the ceiling treatment application on-site.

Stephanie Mesner is the skilled co-founder and artist extraordinaire of Arteriors. She and her team begin to work their magic.

A close-up of the completed tortoiseshell finish.


Now, the glossy entry hints at the sumptuousness that lies ahead. It utilizes the architectural concept of Compression and Expansion to dramatic effect. Upon arrival, one experiences the small dark space as "compression" — a sense of rich enclosure — which creates a heightened sense of "expansion" in juxtaposition to the lighter spaces beyond.

The powder room renovation echoes the lustrous elevator doors with textural wallpaper, gold foil ceiling, and polished brass plumbing. A custom sink is fabricated with remnant marble from the living room fireplace makeover. The mirror is a mid-century modern find, a perfect fit with the necklace-style sconces from Porta Romana.

For more, check out our Park View portfolio page.



Video: Yassine Samar

Photography: Max-Kim Bee

Video Music: Ray Charles

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