BOSTON HOME Magazine features Lisa Tharp's Governor's House

Winter 2019 Issue of Boston Home magazine

"Minimal but not stark, clean yet casual," is Boston Home magazine's characterization of our renovation makeover for an active family who wanted to feel relaxed and comfortable in their stately historic home.

Lisa Tharp feature in Boston Home magazine. Custom LAYERED TO A T dining table by Lisa Tharp.

The feature article in Boston Home's Winter 2019 issue shares the interior architectural improvements and furnishings designed for this special landmark.

New bookcases complement the home's classical origins. Custom CARTER sofa and settee by Lisa Tharp.

The goal for the interior architecture was to enhance and complement the classical beauty of the existing architecture.

New paneling in the master bedroom. Custom CLOUD bed by Lisa Tharp.

"Since 'the bones, the light, and the architectural proportions were great,' Tharp says, she proposed they cover the walls, the trim, and the ceilings with a fresh coat of white paint... 'A crisp white palette snaps old interiors to fresh attention while serving as an atmospheric backdrop to a mix of interesting players,' she says."

Photography by Michael J. Lee



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