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Lisa Tharp Cover Story in Luxe Magazine

Renovated city residence by Lisa Tharp, including contemporary furnishings and art.  Photo by Max Kim-Bee.
Luxe Magazine May / June 2019, featuring city renovation by Lisa Tharp

Our design team is grateful to have our work featured on the cover of Luxe magazine's May/June 2019 issue. "Custom furnishings, European details and well-chosen artwork revitalize a sophisticated couple's classic apartment," writes Tate Gunnerson.

Interior architecture + design by Lisa Tharp.  Photo by Max Kim-Bee.  Dining room renovation that doubles as library.
Dining Room doubles as Library

Our renovation included a combination dining room / library, with new full-height bookcases, wall paneling, and our custom walnut + alabaster-finish dining tables lit with lamps. A third console table (in the kitchen, on left, not shown) slides between the two to create one long entertainment table. Flexibility serves breakfast for two, a display of beloved books, or a dinner party for eighteen.

Park View Lobby Luxe Feature
Photograph: Max Kim-Bee

A pair of brass elevators opens into the private reception area of the residence, with glossy black walls and tortoise shell ceiling.

To read the full article, click here.

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