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New LISA THARP COLLECTION: Distinctive, Locally Handcrafted and Healthy for People and Planet

We believe that furnishings should be beautiful, comfortable, handcrafted, sustainably sourced and made from non-toxic materials. On occasion, restoring an antique or vintage piece has achieved these goals. Yet, for much of our interior design work, we have designed furnishings ourselves — either to solve for a specific need or from a desire to create something truly unique. These efforts have culminated in the Lisa Tharp Collection — an edited selection of favorite pieces, made to order here in the USA.

Some might question the wisdom of launching a new furnishings collection during a pandemic. Yet, there is no better way to support the many talented artisans and makers with whom we have the privilege to collaborate during these unprecedented times. Many work in solo studios, crafting each piece, one at a time, by hand. Plus, as long-distance supply chains are disrupted, there is a much higher probability of producing and delivering an item when working locally. Did I mention it is better for the environment too? ;)

The couture curves of our Fibonacci Chaise are inspired by Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci's famed number sequence, which defines spirals found throughout nature. Available in Left Arm or Right Arm Facing, it works beautifully floating in the center of a space opposite our Fibonacci Sofa and dressed with our Signature Box Pillows.

Our Ellipse Table is an elongated oval with a dramatic curved base and a beveled top edge.  Four sections of the fine-grain veneer top are book-matched to form a subtle diamond pattern.

Our Museum Console is inspired by the beautiful way that museums, libraries and galleries display precious objects. Why not be able to do so at home? Clear display boxes are lined with silky velvet to cushion your favorite artifacts. We've also designed hard-to-find pieces, like sectionals that are made for serious lounging, yet maintain a streamlined aesthetic despite their size:

Our banquettes are a popular way to have one's cake and eat it too. Proportioned to dine easily at the table yet sit comfortably like a sofa, they recreate the allure of that most prized of restaurant seating... the booth.

Our LT Signature pieces pay subtle homage to our logo, with LT-shaped metal inlays in your choice of finish.

Each collection piece is designed with a classic point of view that fits seamlessly in modern and traditional settings alike. Customization is possible, including dimensions and fabrics. Click here to explore the line of upholstery, casegoods (tables and storage cabinets), and accessories. Let us help you realize the perfect piece for your space. Inquiries are welcome by phone, or email us at

With our team safely working remotely, we decided to bring the fun home with a little video launch party of our own. Join Caitlin Manning, Sienna MacArthur, Shelley Jain, Alex MacMillan and me as we toast our new collection.



Photography Credits:

Living room by Max Kim-Bee.

Product images by Caitlin Manning and Curtis Killian.

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