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Architectural Details Enhance a Room Featured in Boston Globe Magazine

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

I am very grateful for Boston Globe Magazine's recent feature of our work in their January Best of the New issue (written by Marni Katz., photography by Michael J. Lee).  It gives me the opportunity to showcase how even small interior architectural improvements can "shape space" and dramatically enhance a room.  

This contemporary living room enjoys treetop views of the Boston skyline, yet suffered from nondescript architectural details and average-height ceilings. The following BEFORE + AFTER images illustrate a few ways in which the interior envelope was enhanced.



1. Crown now extends out onto the ceiling, adding subtle elegance and perceived quality of construction. 2. High gloss ceiling finish effectively raises its perceived height and reflects light throughout the space. ​3. Wallpaper backing adds drama to the bookcases. 4. Picture lights lend another layer of lighting for this family of readers while illuminating shelving objects like art. 5. Contrast color distinguishes the fireplace as a deserving focal point. 6. New pendant light adds a dash of fun. Its reflection in the mantle mirror draws the eye to perceive more space in the room.

7. Drapery rods hung all the way to the crown and wide of the windows maximize perceived height, light and views.  Of course, great art makes the room, as exemplified by these Josef Albers works.

An ethereal painting by Charlie Bluett is echoed in soft shapes of the sofa's silk pillows.  Sculpture is by Paul Stopforth. Enjoy!

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