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The Saturday 6 is a Good Weekend Read

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

I just discovered a beautifully curated feature called "The Saturday 6" by top design blogger Emily A. Clark. ​Every weekend, readers are treated to six enchanting images, ranging from interior design to fashion to "the occasional deep thought". 

"A Year of No Shopping: How Kelli Lamb Did It" written by Megan McCarty

Emily's style is accessible, light-hearted and concise.  She includes a well-edited selection of resources that exemplify her tagline... Design Simplified.  It's a lovely diversion for a Saturday.

"Traditional with an Edge" Interior by Lisa Tharp

We were pleased that our work was included this past weekend.

Life In The Front Row is More Fun

I love the sentiments of this last image. ​​Thank you, Emily, and keep up the inspiring posts.


​Photo credits: 1. Monica Wang 2. Unknown 3. Michael J. Lee 4. Unknown

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