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How Finishing Touches Complete the Design Vision

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

The last silk pillow. A sculptural work of art. Polished accessories. The finishing touches... Why do the images in top design magazines look so inviting and beautiful? It is because every detail is in perfect harmony. ​   Like an artist fine-tuning the composition of a painting, we balance color, texture, contrast, style and visual weight with finishing touches in order to fully realize the design vision. 

Our talented design team is hard at work, ensuring that each piece at our Skyline project is perfectly positioned. [From left: Alex MacMillan, Kelly Hiselman and Emily Lacouture.   ​Shelley Jain was expertly keeping things rolling back at the studio.]

A modern chair joins a Swedish antique-style daybed to invite lounging and reading.   Coffee table books on art, architecture and haute couture capture the imagination. ​Silk pillows dress a comfortable tufted sofa near the marbleized wallpapered bookcases.

The curve of the calla lilies echo the lines of the custom-designed Skyline settee,  ​from ​L I S A   T H A R P   C O L L E C T I O N.

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